Chicago Dominatrix Femdom, foot fetish, cuckold, and strap-on in Chicago, USA.

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  • Mistress Ginger Stone

    I am a sensual yet sadistic Dominatrix that will tease and torture you into slave heaven. There is 15 years of discipline and experience in the fetish world under my whip. When you come into my world I will have taken your mind, body and soul. You will not be able to escape me until I am done with you if I so chose it.

  • Mistress Erika

    Mistress Erica is a very enthusiastic, attractive and experienced. She is a true dominant that enjoys her work but also cares very much about her submissive's experience in the session. She will push your limits but in a very safe and sane way.

  • Gummi Madeline

    Chicago Latex Mistress is the home of Gummi Madeline, a rubber-clad dominatrix who specializes in heavy rubber play, rubber bondage, Latex fetish, and related activities. Her space, The Rubbertorium, is located in NW Chicago and is fully-equipped with an amazing array of rubber and Latex implements, clothing, gas masks, hoods, bondage equipment, accouterments, inflatables, and a Latex vacuum bed.

  • Mistress Provaz

    TS Dominatrix. I Will Dominate You. Is your mind dominated by fantasies of surrendering to the will of a strict and disciplined Mistress ... who will teach you the true meaning of humility and servitude? Do you long to kneel in complete obedience before me as I decide what pleasure I can derive from you whilst I help you explore your fantasies.

  • Mistress SImone

    For twenty years I have assisted submissives in creating ritual out of the mundane, realism from the fantasy and life structure from chaos. I celebrate my twentieth year as a professional this year. Please join in making this the best year yet by submitting to my control.

  • Mistress Genevieve

    The tactics of my thought reform program are organized to destabilize a submissive sense of self by having him drastically reinterpret his fantasy life, radically alter his view of self, accept a new version of reality and causality as prescribed by me, thereby being turned into a deployable agent of the Goddess.

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