London Dominatrix Femdom, foot fetish, cuckold, and strap-on in London, UK.

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  • Mistress Ika

    My name is Mistress Ika (pronounced eye-ka). I am a glamorous Black Goddess, based in North London. I have always been naturally Dominant, even from an early age. At first, I did not have a name for the strong overwhelming feelings that I experienced whenever I fantasised about Dominating an individual. Somewhere deep down, I`ve always wanted a man at my feet, submitting to me & being humiliated, chastised & controlled by me.

  • Mistress Alize

    I'm Mistress Alize of London, a beautiful mixed raced Dominatrix. You will worship me, love me, pamper me, and truly submit to me. I am a resident Mistress at Club Black Whip and I am firm believer of female supremacy, male subjugation, and female empowerment. Men are chattel with very little worth and merit. Women should be idolized and placed on pedestals. My slaves have to worship me, report to me, be submissive to me, love me and I'll take care of them. I'm a very good listener, so suitable submissives may disclose all their fantasies and fetishes to Mistress. My passion is to dominate real submissive men or women by playing within the borders of their fantasies. Age, race, height, weight etc., are not important. So I command all submissives to report to me immediately!!

  • Miss Chains

    I enjoy exploring your fancies. I am a fantasy Goddess with an exquisite, slim, silky soft body and a sharp kinky mind. If you open up to me completely, share your fantasies, dreams and desires with me and allow me to enter your mind, I will understand your deep wishes and can role-play them with you. Remember that no session is ever the same as another. I particularly enjoy role-playing where I am a Goddess or a fantasy beauty from your dreams, who behaves exactly as she wants and yet also fulfils your own fantasy.

  • MadameTachibana

    This is the website of a Professional Japanese Dominatrix situated in London UK. It contains fetish Adult material of a sexual nature such as BDSM, sado-masochism, whips, caning, extreme sadism , traditional rope bondage, corporal punishment, extreme play with nails, needles and bloodplay.

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